Madrid 2014 NOVEMBER 27-29

Hackday Sponsored by   

This year's hackday will be held on Saturday, November 29th at the Hotel Auditorium and will be sponsored by Heroku.

The hackday will be a little special this year! Of course, we'll organize it as usual and we hope you are willing to work on Symfony topics and help us to enhance the Framework. Topics will thus be announced on Saturday morning, and you'll be able to choose the topic you want to work on with a group of other people.

But this year, our sponsor will organize a special raffle to reward your work. So anyone who will contribute or commit to a pull request on Symfony submitted during the hackday and deploys an app on Heroku during this same hackday will be eligible to win a made-in-San-Francisco Mission Bicycle, offered by Heroku! By the way: Fabien Potencier will be there to review and approve your live PRs!

In addition to that, anyone who deploys an app on Heroku during the hackday will receive a special gift of their choice, and there will be Heroku engineers around all day to get you started and help with questions.

Come for the conference and stay for the hack, it’s interesting, fun and you surely have a Symfony work you want to improve!

Check out the super bicycle you can win!

Hackday Rules

To enter the drawing, entrants must provide their email address, the URL of an application deployed to Heroku during the hack day, and the URL of a pull request they contributed to.

The email address provided must be identical to the email address associated with the Heroku account used to deploy the app, and must the the author email address of the commits in the pull request.

The application deployed to Heroku must have been created after 9:30 local Madrid time on November 29, 2014.

The commit(s) in the pull request must have been authored and commited after 9:30 local Madrid time on November 29, 2014.

The following repositories are eligible for pull requests:

  • all repositories except "symfony1" and "symfony1-docs" under
  • all repositories under
  • all repositories under
  • all repositories under

To be eligible, pull requests must have been approved in the pull request comments by a developer with push rights to the repository in question.

Entrants must be present during the drawing at the end of the hack day to be eligible to win.

Nobody will be liable if you hurt yourself when falling of the bicycle. Please wear a helmet at all times, and ride safely!

Employees of and their subsidiaries, including Heroku, and employees of SensioLabs France, SensioLabs UK and SensioLabs Deutschland or any of their subsidiaries are not eligible to participate.

Enter the Drawing